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What Is Carpet Area, Buildup Area And Super Buildup Area?

While buying a house, terms like carpet area, built-up area, and the super built-up area mostly evade our realm of understanding, or a minimum of cause some confusion. In every residential Projects, there are these 3 types of calculating the sq feet area. they will not all sound very different, but there is actually a big difference between carpet area and built-up area!

Not knowing what each actually means is what could give Developers an opportunity to take you for a ride. Just a bit reading and you may be pretty thorough with the terms. Here are some of the fundamentals of real estate you must know.


Carpet area is the area that will actually be covered by a carpet or the area of the apartment excluding the thickness of the inner walls.

Carpet area doesn’t include the space covered by common areas like the lobby, lift, stairs, play area, etc. Carpet area is the actual area you get to be used in a housing unit.

Build-Up Area

The built-up area is the area that comes after adding the carpet area and wall area. Now, the wall area doesn’t mean the surface area, but the thickness of the inner walls of a unit. the area constituting the walls is around 20% of the built-up area and totally changes the angle.
 The built-up area also consists of other areas mandated by the authorities, like a dry balcony, flower beds, etc., that add up to 10% of the built-up area. So once you


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